University of Antwerp, BEL – Laboratory of Adsorption and Catalysis – Department of Chemistry

Q. Xin, A. Papavasilou, N. Boukos, A. Glisenti, J.P.H. Li, Y. Yang, C.J. Philippopoulos, E. Poulakis, F.K. Katsaros, V. Meynen, P. Coo

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Appl. Catal. B, 2018, 223, 103-115.


J.G. Van Dijck, P. Mampuys, P (Mampuys, Pieter), H.Y.V Ching, D. Krishnan, K. Baert, T. Hauffman, J. Verbeeck, S. Van Doorslaer, B.U.W. Maes, M. Dorbec, A. Buekenhoudt, V. Meyne

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Applied surface science, 2020, 527, 146851


J. Lefevere, S. Mullens, V. Meyne

The impact of formulation and 3D-printing on the catalytic properties of ZSM-5 zeolite.

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Novel grafting method efficiently decreases irreversible fouling of ceramic nanofiltration membranes.

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R. Ciocarlan, N. Hoeven, E. Irtem, V. Van Acker, M. Mertens, E.M. Seftel, T. Breugelmans, P. Cool

Ferrite@TiO2-nanocomposites as Z-scheme photocatalysts for CO2 conversion: insight into the correlation of the Co-Zn metal composition and the catalytic activity.

Journal of CO2 utilization, 2020, 36, 177-186


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