National Institute of Chemistry, SLO – Department of Inorganic Chemistry and Technology

J. Hou, P. Chen, A. Krajnc, T. Wang, X. Li, R. Doasa, L. H. G. Tizei, B. Chan, D. N. Johnstone, R. Lin, T. U. Schülli, I. Martens, D. Appadoo, M. S'ari, Z. Wang, T. Wei, S.-C. Lo, M. Lu, S. Li, E. B. Namdas, G. Mali, A. K. Cheetham, S. M. Collins, V. Chen, L. Wang, T. D. Bennett

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A. Krajnc, J. Varlec, M. Mazaj, A. Ristić, N. Z. Logar, G. Mali

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P. Djinović, A. Ristić, T. Žumbar, V. D. B. C. Dasireddy, M. Rangus, G. Dražić, M. Popova, B. Likozar, N. Z. Logar, N. N. Tušar,

Synergistic effects of CuO nanocrystals and Cu-oxo-Fe clusters on silica support in promotion of total catalytic oxidation of toluene as a model volatile organic air pollutant,

Appl. Catal. B, 2020, 268, 118749.


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