Delft University of Technology, NL – Department of Chemical Engineering – Catalysis Engineering

A. Gonzalez-Nelson, S. Mula, M. Šimėnas, S. Balčiūnas, A.R. Altenhof, C. S. Vojvodin, S. Canossa, J. Banys, R.W. Schurko,* F.-X. Coudert,* M. A. van der Veen*

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R. Gaikwad, H. Reymond, N. Phongprueksathat, P. Rudolf von Rohr, A. Urakawa

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J.J. Corral-Pérez, A. Bansode, C.S. Praveen, A. Kokalj, H. Reymond, A. Comas-Vives, J. VandeVondele, C. Copéret, P. Rudolf von Rohr, A. Urakawa

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Organic linker defines the excited-state kinetics of photocatalytic MIL-125(Ti)-type materials.

ChemSusChem, 2016, 9(4), 388–395


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