University of Stuttgart
Institute of Technical Chemistry
Pfaffenwaldring 55
70569 Stuttgart


The research focus is on heterogeneous catalysis with special emphasis on designing active sites by controlled solid synthesis and surface organometallic chemistry, utilizing confinement effects in nanopores, and assessing the catalyst performance in designated test rigs under process-related conditions. 



  • Synthesis of zeolites, MOFs, and mesoporous metal oxides as tailormade solid materials as catalysts of catalyst supports
  • Immobilization of nanoclusters, nanoparticles, and well-defined organometallic catalysts in nanoporous materials
  • Enrichment of active sites in industrial catalysts by targeted surface immobilization
  • Physicochemical characterization of solid catalysts by e.g. solid state NMR spectroscopy, IR spectroscopy and XRD analysis
  • Catalytic testing in different types of reactors (fixed bed reactors, electrochemical reactors, micro reactors)
  • Energy-relevant catalysis (new technologies for oil refining and petrochemistry, production of fuels from (bio)coal)
  • Alternative raw materials (activation of CO2, production of chemicals from renewables and natural gas)


Job Vacancies


Innovative technological solutions

We offer:

  • Synthesis of tailored advanced materials
  • Solutions for high-tech applications
  • Analytical services (see Supertool)

Science-based advice and training

We offer:

  • Student and Ph.D. exchange
  • Postdoctoral positions
  • Training program