Synthesis, modification, shaping, and characterization of functional materials including catalysts, adsorbents, coatings, and additives enabling more resource and energy efficient processes and products. Extensive focus on the development of more sustainable processes for production of fuels and chemicals.  



  • Synthesis, modification, scale-up, shaping, and characterization of porous materials (zeolites, MOFs, various carbon materials, silica, alumina)
  • Synthesis, modification, scale-up, and characterization of coatings and additives
  • In-situ characterization (NMR, IR, XRD,…)
  • Structural characterization (SEM, TEM, EXAFS, AFM, UV VIS,….) 
  • Characterization of adsorption properties at wide range of conditions
  • Testing of materials for applications in catalysis, gas separation and storage, functional coatings, water purification 


Job Vacancies


Innovative technological solutions

We offer:

  • Synthesis of tailored advanced materials
  • Solutions for high-tech applications
  • Analytical services (see Supertool)

Science-based advice and training

We offer:

  • Student and Ph.D. exchange
  • Postdoctoral positions
  • Training program