• Synthesis of inorganic materials, coordination polymers and metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), for application in adsorption and separation processes, as catalysts, sensors, and functional materials in energy related applications,
  • Characterization and testing of nanoporous materials in adsorption, separation and catalysis,
  • Crystal structure determination from single crystal and powder X-ray diffraction data,
  • In-situ X-ray diffraction studies of materials performed at synchrotron sources to establish stability of crystalline materials on heating, study phase transitions, or determine crystal structures of host-guest compounds,
  • High pressure gas adsorption using nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, hydrogen and other non-corrosive gases,
  • Simultaneous thermogravimetric-differential scanning calorimetry coupled to mass spectrometry in temperature range -150 °C to 800°C.


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Innovative technological solutions

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  • Synthesis of tailored advanced materials
  • Solutions for high-tech applications
  • Analytical services (see Supertool)

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  • Student and Ph.D. exchange
  • Postdoctoral positions
  • Training program