Design and development of functionalized inorganic and organic-inorganic (porous) materials for application as catalysts, sorbents and in separation. The focus is on environmental benign synthesis approaches and synthesis-properties-performance correlation allowing adjusted and tailor made materials design for enhanced performance.



  • Synthesis and characterization of porous silica and metal oxide materials, hybrid organosilicas and hybrid organic-inorganic metal oxides
  • Surface and structural modification of materials by new synthesis methods and surface modification techniques towards applications in the area of sorption, separation and catalysis
  • Detailed characterization of by XRD, physi- and chemisorption, (in-situ) IR and (in-situ) Raman spectroscopy, UV-Vis DR, TGA/DTG/DSC analysis coupled to MS, catalytic reactors coupled to GC
  • Testing of materials for applications in CO2 conversion (DBD plasma, photo- and photoelectrochemical) and hydrogen production and in photocatalytic pollutant degradation


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