Design and development of powder and structured catalysts and sorbents for energy and environmental applications. Design and synthesis of materials in order to tune the nano-structural properties through the morphological, physico-chemical and functional characterization. The development of the catalyst/sorbent spans from the nano-scale levels up to the production of structured materials according to an engineered multi-scale approach.



  • Synthesis of transition and noble metals supported catalyst, functionalized porous sorbents, metal-organic framework, hybrid materials;
  • Development of washcoated structured catalysts (honeycomb monoliths, foams, spheres);
  • Chemical characterization (ICP-MS), structural characterization (XRD, SEM), surface characterization (gas and Hg porosimetry, FTIR/DRIFT, Raman spectroscopy, TPD/TPR/TPO, SEM/EDS);
  • Functional characterization (in situ FTIR/DRIFT, coupled TG-MS analysis);
  • Catalytic and adsorption testing for (both stationary and mobile) energy and environmental applications;
  • Evaluation of catalysts poisoning and regeneration.


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