ITQ is an international reference center in the areas of catalysis, new materials and photochemistry. Catalysis is applied in crude oil refinement and petrochemistry, in biomass transformation, fine chemical processes and controlled drug or semiotics delivery, and the development of new materials covers adsorbents, conductor polymers, electroluminescent polymers and sensors.



- Synthesis and characterization of new materials for catalytic applications (zeolites, metallic nanoparticles, hybrid solids, ceramics, etc)

- Chemical and photochemical processes in life science and sustainable chemical production

  • Biomass transformation into chemicals through sustainable processes
  • Computational and high-throughput techniques applied to the development of chemical processes
  • Photochemical techniques and nanomaterials in life science
  • Selective solid catalysts (acid-base and redox) for sustainable chemical processes

- Structured materials as catalysts for generation of clean fuel and renewable energy

  • Nanoporous and structured mesoporous materials in energy conversion
  • Petrochemicals and clean fuels from fossil hydrocarbons
  • Production of renewable energy through chemical and photochemical processes

- Structured materials for gas separation and as adsorbents


Job Vacancies


Innovative technological solutions

We offer:

  • Synthesis of tailored advanced materials
  • Solutions for high-tech applications
  • Analytical services (see Supertool)

Science-based advice and training

We offer:

  • Student and Ph.D. exchange
  • Postdoctoral positions
  • Training program