Mission and Vision Statement of Enmix

Mission of ENMIX

The European Nanoporous Materials Institute of Excellence (ENMIX) was founded in 2009 considers itself as a scientific network devoted to nanoporous materials, bringing together complementary areas of expertise such as synthesis of nanoporous materials, their characterization and application.

ENMIX in particular fosters the research of PhD students and Postdocs by exchanging knowledge, methods and materials. ENMIX Workshops and ENMIX Young Scientist Meetings are the main instruments to put our mission into practice.

This bottom-up approach facilitates bilateral or multilateral collaborations between the ENMIX partners. Every ENMIX partner should contribute to the success of the mission of ENMIX. Industrial Partners are involved indirectly through links to every ENMIX partner. European Commission is assisted by preparing roadmaps on the development and application of nanoporous materials and by preparation of relevant work programme topics through the relevant Technology Platforms.  

Vision of ENMIX

ENMIX becomes a dynamic research network based on many bilateral and multilateral collaborations. ENMIX further grows to about 25 partners.

ENMIX partners successfully apply for Binational and European Research and Innovation Projects, European Innovative Training Networks (ITNs), or Research Fellowships.

ENMIX will be among the leaders in the science and technology of nanoporous solids in Europe and contributes to the solution of the great challenges our modern society is faced with.         


The 9th ENMIX workshop will take place from September 12-13, 2024, in Porto, Portugal            




ENI Award to Jörg Kärger and Jürgen Caro


Job Vacancies


Innovative technological solutions

We offer:

  • Synthesis of tailored advanced materials
  • Solutions for high-tech applications
  • Analytical services (see Supertool)

Science-based advice and training

We offer:

  • Student and Ph.D. exchange
  • Postdoctoral positions
  • Training program